workshop 3

Workshop Aims:

  •   To link the imagined future to the present in order to make climate change meaningful in the present
  •   Work towards creating a sense of agency about climate change for the students.

Homework from Workshop 2: From the voicemail that you made, create a timeline from the present to your imagined future, identifying how that future was created.

Purpose of the timelines:

  • Connecting the future to the present through storytelling and imagination that is connected to the ‘real’ world.
  • Identifying points of change/intervention – agency? What kinds of change (political, social, technological)?

From the present, make a different future

Go through these timelines to the future, and identify points of change which instead enable more positive futures to emerge. Make a positive change to your future – rewrite the story. Make new voicemails based upon these new timelines (during the session, or as homework?)

By the end of the session the students should have an idea about what aspect of climate change they are interested in.

Homework:  Choose an issue related to climate change (eg food security, animal extinction, renewable energy). Research this issue if helpful (e.g look at news reports, NGO/charity campaigns, government policies/laws). From your understanding of the issue, produce your own creative project. You could choose to do one of the following:

  • Write a story
  • Graphic novel
  • Photo- journalism
  • News report
  • Start a campaign
  • Video blog
  • Art work
  • A song
  • Do some recycling/ persuade someone else to recycle
  • Write a letter to your MP

Please note – The project needs to be documented if it is an action-based project

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