FutureCoastYouth Team at ONCA


The students’ efforts and outstanding level of engagement on the final day at ONCA were seriously impressive. Each of them stood up in front of an audience and presented their research.  The freedom that they had experienced when choosing their topics seemed to positively impact on the quality of their presentations.

  • Nadia: brochure on top predators
  • Melissa: comic strip on climate change
  • J: powerpoint presentation on Pleistocene rewilding
  • Joe: blog on renewables
  • B: poetry on food and air miles
  • T and C: debate and powerpoints on geoengineering
  • Noah: powerpoint on Indonesian rainforest
  • Quinn: poster and talk on threats to amphibians
  • Ashleigh: compere

We were very grateful to the Real Junk Food Project for providing us with a hearty lunch made from food that had all been diverted from the waste stream, and to our attentive audience which included Nina Emmet of FotoDocument and ONCA Director Laura Coleman. Thanks also to the UoB Media Studies students who came and documented the day.



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