B’s poems on food


Starting small on a tree

Lined in many rows

Being taken from all it’s known

Thrown from bag to crate

Amongst its fellows being cooled

Then floated along sprayed sometimes taken

Packed in boxes with those of same size and breed

Taken to rooms with thousands of others

Cooled then moved again

Loaded onto ships and sailed

Across the sea to other countries

Onto vans and then again

Cooled and put up on display

Taken by man’s grabbing hands

Stuffed in plastic bags and shoved in stifling heat of cars or the chill of vans

Driven to a house unloaded

Put into a bowl and left looking petty then its end


‘Eat all’

Grown overseas or locally

Flown so far or driven little

Mass produced or local farms

Cooled and stored or eaten fresh

Energy wasted or almost none used

Air polluted or clear blue skies


Miles and miles











Here to there

From here to there

And there to here

From plane to boat

To train to van

Fuel used

Distance travelled

All to get a ‘better’ kind of food

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