To keep the play and creativity alive in the project we started with some physical warm-ups, and moved around the whole space getting into our bodies a bit more. After playing a little bit with some juggling balls just to get our awareness into our hands and coordination, we played a short game called the prey and the predator, which involves 2 people and a blindfold in a circle of people. It’s about 30% competitive, 40% improvised play, and 30% witnessing of each other as a whole group.
We then played with a line of opinions also known as line of agree/disagree.
 We asked the Team to stand on an imaginary line along the length of the room with one end agreeing with a set  statement and the other and disagreeing.
The statements were:
  • It is possible to solve the problem of climate change
  • Climate change, money and power are all interlinked
  • I can make a difference to the challenge of climate change
The students were really happy to get involved and came up with questions and ideas related to each of the statements. For example:
  • They discussed the difference between the agency of an individual and the agency of a group or collective
  • They explored the idea that addressing issues of inequality of money and power is part of addressing the issue of climate change
Next we had an update from each of the students about how their individual project work is going. For this we used the theatrical device of standing at the front with a large papier-mâché pig (-this was something Keith spotted in the vicinity and decided to use as a prop! – ) and using this as a embodiment of their project as they presented their work so far. Although none of them readily took on a character or fictional space for this it certainly added some fun to their thinking about the process.
The students are now comfortable with the idea of creatively responding to climate change and are in the process of generating and developing some content such as posters, leaflets, PowerPoint, poems, stories, comics and presentations.

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