New names for climate change

The FutureCoast Youth team came up with new ways to describe the changes taking place around us.

World Preservation: The way we live is unsustainable. We have to change it.

Constant Climate Cycle: Even without humans, Earth’s climate would be constantly changing.

Catastrophic Planetary Reconfiguration: A professional, descriptive name that tells the word something massive is really happening. Abbreviates to CPR!

Global Difference: Land, people, animals and structures are all affected – all will become different, not just the climate.

Environmental Transformations: To make people realise that climate is connected to living things, and that life on this planet is in the process of being transformed.

International Environment Crisis: Conveys interconnectedness, urgency and uncertainty – it might spur people into action.

Global Extinction: A fear-inducing rallying call to action in the face of the largest threat to civilisation and the looming largest extinction since the dinosaurs.




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